Frequently Asked Questions

Terms and Conditions

  • Do not advertise GlobeAds ads directly on any form of traffic exchange / PTC website.
  • Do not place GlobeAds ads anywhere that may contain adult material (including advertising).
  • Do not offer any incentive for a visitor to click GlobeAds ads, including gifts/points/cash.
  • Do not ask/beg people to click on your GlobeAds ads simply to generate you revenue.
  • Do not create 'redirect loops' to generate revenue.
  • Do not create spam with GlobeAds ads anywhere, including forums / chat / comments / blogs.
  • Do not automatically redirect users to your ads.
  • Do not participate in click 'rings' where you click on GlobeAds ads in return for others to click yours.
  • Do not open GlobeAds ads in a popup / popunder or iframe.
  • Only GlobeAds ads must be opened when a user clicks on the ads. No other links / windows must be opened.
  • The only legitimate way to open an GlobeAds ad is with a mouse click, on the actual link.
  • You may click on your own GlobeAds ads 1 time to test it. You may not create links solely to 'test'.
  • We reserve the right to not pay for advert views generated on your ads.
  • We reserve the right to terminate, end, ban and suspend your account.